WELCOME TO CASTLE CHIMNEY SWEEPS A National Association of Chimney Sweeps Master Member
WELCOME TO CASTLE CHIMNEY SWEEPS A National Association of Chimney Sweeps Master Member

                               The Lucky Chimney Sweep Tradition

Blessed by the luck bestowed on all sweeps by King George III following a tradition that started around 200 years ago when it is said that a London Chimney Sweep saved the life of the King when his horse and carriage bolted.
Hence forth the King proclaimed that all Chimney Sweeps are lucky and their status was to be elevated within society. As a sign it is believed that Chimney Sweeps started to wear the Top Hat at the time when these were normally only worn by gentleman of status.
The folklore was established and to this day practicing Chimney Sweeps are invited to attend weddings and kiss the bride for good luck.
Since pagan times the images of fire and hearth have been associated with luck - when a new bride inherited the "fire irons" she also symbolically inherited a home and a new family. It is because of his blackened face and relationship with fire and hearths that the chimney sweep is said to carry the luck with him wherever he goes and when you meet him, his luck rubs off on you.
If a chimney sweep meets a bride and groom at their wedding it's regarded as a very good omen for their future, particularly if the sweep wishes the bride and groom good luck.
Even though sweeps have been giving good luck at weddings for over a 100 years, it is still prestigious for a sweep to turn up at a wedding. Indeed one very famous meeting was reported in a news paper in the 1950's.
"... not by chance was the sooty chimney sweeper sauntering in front of Kensington Palace on the wedding morning of Prince Phillip and Princess Elizabeth, thereby affording the excited bridegroom an opportunity to dash out from the royal apartments to wring his grubby hand for chimney sweeps luck". 
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